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I’m Barbara Hartmann King, author of the COLOURED SANDS TRILOGY.barbara

I’m inviting you into the country for a spell, into the lives of people you will want to learn more about, characters divergent from anybody you have ever known, in a place of love and beauty in an Ancient Land.  Their stories are as unique as the very essence of their souls.  You’ll relate to them, cry with them, laugh and shake your head at their foibles and hate their enemies. And you will certainly love their country as much as they do.

Coloured Sands - An amazing story set in the wilds of Central Queensland spanning seventy years. The child Emily, is known as The Crazy Orphan. A caring policeman delivers her into the hands of a famous doctor who almost mends her wounded spirit -incomparable – unique – inspiring.

Valley of the Eagle – Frontier adventure, fast paced with fiery love – The essential Australian story steeped in flavors of  “Gone With the Wind” – Powerful  -with a host of unusual characters –   Laugh – Cry – Enjoy.


Children of the Coloured Sands - The secret family has been hidden for twenty years – Phillip Parry uses his Cessna like a car. The characters from the first two novels are joined in this, the third novel of The Coloured Sands Trilogy – Stunning revelations blaze a quicksilver trail through all their lives.

 Details of FREE poetry book on Barbara’s Poetry page.


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