Children of the Coloured Sands

Final book of the Coloured Sands Trilogy

cst-book-3Children of the Coloured Sands – a journey into truth.

Phillip Parry lived a double life, hiding his secret family for twenty years. He used his Cessna like a car. Only now, after the death of the matriarch, Emily Parry, can his wife and five additional children move to the thriving dynasty of Jooloonga Station. The Coming of the Second Family creates a disturbance that will test them all. The legendary Phillip Parry, champion polo-player, war hero and proud owner of the famous Jooloonga Station and Willow Park Stables desires white grandchildren which he will have if his children marry white! He has his own obscure reasons. His eldest son Steven from his delicate English bribe (who died) is sterile after treatment for leukaemia (ironically Steven’s life was saved by bone marrow from his mixed-blood brother, Martin). Tensions rise – bigotry is rife. Colleen can not understand her husband. The bizarre reasons for his fervent anguish lay in the depths of his subconscious where bigotry is no longer dormant and thoughts of the notorious neighbours are ever present with tales of cattle duffing and much more…

The beautiful teenage daughter Susannah Ruth falls in love with the neighbour’s illegitimate half-brother Douglas Clarke, a football hero with coppery skin, a man twice her age loved by the nation – a man deep into the politics of his race and his country. Phillip is furious. He can only remember the terrible scandals from the feuding Clarkes from Moorooba Downs and the O’Sheas from Wandara Station, who are now as one, the only surviving members now joined in matrimony.

Phillip’s second family are spirited and well educated. Martin 20 is a science student at university, Susannah Ruth 18, is in her gap year before studying Anthropology, the twins Rebecca and Mary 15, attend a seclusive boarding school, Jason7, is a little rascal but lightens stressful situations with his zest for life and strife. Revelations from both families blaze a quicksilver trail through all their lives. Douglas has the journals from the O’Shea family; Colleen has the diaries and letters from the Parrys. Lives are changed with secrets discovered, amazing love can fade to be reborn, huge egos defeat, and massive fortunes bear little promise without unconditional love. The magnificent mansion, the wealth and prestige mean little when each family must face their demons Susannah Ruth is damned by a ruthless policeman. Colleen’s heart is broken after 20 years of the happy clandestine marriage. The twins are saved from certain death by Martin, who is an enigma with his extraordinary strength and likeness to Grandma Emily’s first love – the secret she took to her grave. All this is tempered with immense vitality and humour in a land where beauty and harshness over-lap. Laughter and fun is never abandoned, especially around little Jason who is a treasure – an amazing story of brave souls whose dignity and purpose never falter.

The story of Children of the Coloured Sands spans two continents, travelling to England and back – set on a stunning canvas in central Queensland where the magic of the Dreaming controls the heartbeat of an Ancient Land.

A note from the Editor:
The characters from Coloured Sands and Valley of the Eagle are brought together with dramatic impact, in this, the final novel of the trilogy. Barbara Hartmann King has given the readers a full and enriching experience that is every bit as intriguing as the previous books. Her plots are riveting

Extract from Review by: John Gehrmann (PhD, AIMM) Scientist – Teacher – Novelist

This third and final book brings the stories of the two first books together beautifully, like a huge jigsaw puzzle. The story set in 1973-1974 provides a stunning mirror for our society to see some of its blemishes, and aims to help bring understanding to aspects of the stolen generation and the types of mind-set behind the racism experienced throughout outback and city Australia. This in reality is ground-breaking. Everybody in Australia should have access to Barbara Hartmann King’s novels. Her descriptive detail and exciting storylines alone are a work of art. Her spirited voice is an added bonus.




Children of the Coloured Sands – a journey into truth. by Barbara Hartmann King

On 21st February at Roderick’s winery, Redgate, the Murgon Quota Ladies hosted a Book Launch. The function room at the winery was filled to capacity as Councillor Kathy Duff delivered a heart-warming speech that included a review of Barbara Hartmann Kings trilogy. The speech was co-authored by Kathy’s book-loving dad, Michael Duff.

After the formalities, Barbara signed books while the Murgon Quota Ladies served a scrumptious offering of tea, sandwiches and cake.

It was a happy social occasion with much laughter and chatter, with friends catching up or meeting new friends who shared the love of reading. Barbara had her three books on sale, her first two being reprinted. All profits were donated to The Palliative Care Unit at the Murgon Hospital.

Review by Michael Duff of “Di Di” Station, Proston.

A large part of the story line in the three books is set during the Second World War and the great depression. This is the era that I grew up in. The books describe exactly the depth of racial discrimination and tension that existed in those times. The problems associated with the joining of mixed cultures through a love affair in those days are described in a very real way. I remember my own father, John Patrick Duff, talking about the massacres of white settlers and aborigines that you have described perfectly in the first book “Coloured Sands”. You have not only provided an interesting story with many twists and turns but you have also captured a history of rural Queensland and depicted the type of characters that were around in that time. The books have brought to life for future generations a style of operating, a way of life, and a type of character that was unique to rural Queensland. This type of history is lost in a mere history book with simply facts and figures. It is great that the characters that you have portrayed so well will live on through your books. The third book “The Tan People” follows on and inspires a Barbaras_LaunchDream that can hopefully become a reality as the years go by.

Photo: Barbara takes a break from signing her books